Saturday, 6 May 2017

Lets never not talk again

Lets stay in touch.
Lets say too much.
Lets keep on speaking,
But never not talk again.

Lets make faces,
In different phases.
Use sign language even,
But never not talk again.

Lets raise our voice,
And make some noise.
Lets be loud and clear,
But never not talk again.

Lets scream and shout.
Even have a verbal bout.
Lets bring the house down,
But never not talk again.

Silence speaks volumes they say.
And for some though work it may.
Lets not find out whether it works for us,
Lets never not talk again.

Saturday, 5 November 2016

Promise of Tommorow

Today was not the best,
Probably worse than the rest.
What keeps me going though, is the promise of tommorow.

Today was not upto the mark.
Today was definitely dark.
What keeps me going though, is the promise of tommorow.

Today I may have made a mistake
Today probably wasn't the cherry on top of the cake.
What keeps me going though, is the promise of tommorow.

Today wasn't as much fun.
Today was about the setting sun.
What keeps me going though, is the promise of tommorow.

Today I have not been wise.
Today from my follies I have failed to rise.
What keeps me going though, is the promise of tommorow.

Because life doesnt work to a plan.
And you should just do what you can.
And hang on to the promise of a better tomorrow.

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Happiness is...

Happiness is….
Tears of joy in mother’s eyes,
Dearest daddy’s sense of pride,
Loving little sister’s glee,
Happiness is family.

A warm hug from a dear friend,
A smile that you don’t want to end.
They will turn your face into a cakey mess.
The happiness of friends is selfless.

You’ve struggled, you’ve battled, you’ve gone to war,
And finally you have found what you were fighting for.
As a reward for all your self belief,
Sometimes happiness comes in the form of relief.

They’ve seen you grow up and taught you all you know,
They’re influence has been the greatest as far as elders go.
Their stories of you will remind you how time flies,
Happiness is the pride in a teacher’s eyes.

A photo finish it was not, but that is okay.
The disappointment of imperfection will take time to wash away.
Although in your excitement it may have put a dent.
Remember, sometimes happiness is in just being content.

They say party hard and they say rejoice.
I say how you be happy is a matter of choice.
They say happiness is mostly in having fun,

But sometimes happiness is in just being done.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Still The Same Guy.

Yes, I don't call now you now and again,
Yes, we don't play the same childish games.
Yes, we may sometimes seem out of touch.
Don't let it make you feel I don't miss you much.

Yes, I behave a little polite,
Yes, I may not always be in your line of sight,
Yes, I may not respond to every quirky remark
But believe me, I've not really become so dark.

Yes, I'm a little more brooding these days,
Yes, you could say it's a different phase.
Yes, time has indeed turned me a bit,
But does that mean that I no longer fit?

I won't use growing up, as an excuse for growing apart,
I'll always hold you close to my heart.
Yes, sometimes I may not be the best of friends,
Just know that I'm always trying to make amends.

Yes, I know you will say I've changed,
I feel distant, a stranger, unknown, deranged.
Yes, to you it may seem I've let go,
But i promise I'm still the same guy you met all those years ago.

Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Don't Lose Hope

In these moments of darkness,
When troubles continue to thrive.
Persevere, be stubborn,
Don't lose hope, you will survive.

It's not the end of the world,
Failure is just a stepping stone.
When despair tries to drag you down,
Look around, you're not alone.

When fear takes a hold of you,
Let your inner strength not abate.
It is but an oppurtunity,
To set the record straight.

Believe in yourself,
And bang out of the blue.
You will surely be surprised,
When you realise what you can do.

So, when it's a cloudy day,
And everything doesn't seem so bright.
Believe, the sun will shine,
Don't lose hope, continue your fight.

Friday, 10 June 2016

Spirit of this city

Somewhere in the corner, on the window seat,
Amidst all the rush and the noise and the heat.
Just observe and stare and look and watch,
How this city takes the meaning of struggle up a notch.

The student before you trying to get a last minute read,
You marvel at the level of dedication indeed!
The group that manages to stretch every vocal chord,
Oh how they revel in singing the praises of their Lord!

A vendor, at the top of his voice, selling his wares,
He has a big dream and this is his first step getting there.
The guy at the door who thinks he looks cool standing there,
I guess everybody likes the feel of wind in their hair.

The 'train group' discussing their political views,
The people with the papers getting their early morning news.
The stock market guy with his 'expert advice',
And ofcourse that one cute girl with a smile so nice.

The lady back from office with her vegetable bag,
The poor kid begging for pennies in his old torn rag.
It's like when you look around, so much energy and life,
The spirit of this city, in the middle of all the strife.

Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Just Another Sad Story.

She loved a guy more than life and at the time he loved her back,
But it's fate's favorite thing to topple life when everything seems on track.

He came to her one day and said, "It's my parents, love, they want me wed.
They don't want us together love. Forget the girl forever they said."

She teared up and sobbed and wept and wailed, all she could do was cry,
The guy she loved more than life, didn't even bother to try.

She turned to practicality and decided to weep no more,
She promised not to answer even if, love came knocking at her door.

There was another guy, a friend, who had been through such a past,
He knew these wounds just wouldn't heal, they were always meant to last.

He was there for her and she for him all through their toughest time,
They knew this friendship was rare indeed, losing it would be a crime.

He thought they understood each other and so he went and asked her out,
She didn't really like the thought and asked what it was all about.

He told her they were great together and asked for a chance to be more,
She freaked out at the sight of what she thought was love again knocking at her door.

She said no as best as she could and disappeared from his life,
The wounds of her past she was amazed to know could still cause her so much strife.

The guy was great but she couldn't bring herself to put ,yet again, her heart,
And be vulnerable to the pain that before almost tore her apart.

Years later she still regrets not doing what she could have done,
She could have chosen to forget her past and let the friend be the one.